The thermostat ET – 71 is ideally suited for control of heating systems. There is a lockable rotary knob for regulating the temperature and an on/off switch.

  • Easy menu navigation
  • Fuzzy-Logic control technology guarantees constant temperature and actively helps to save energy
  • Temperature restriction prevents improper operation
  • Switch ON/OFF


This thermostat features an energy-saving function. The fuzzy logic control technology guarantees not only a more constant temperature but also helps to actively save energy. This technology enables the collection and analysis of data. Thanks to the fuzzy technology temperature changes can be reduced, thereby ensuring a more even temperature and lower energy consumption.

Selection function for floor or room temperature control. Optionally, the room temperature can be regulated and a limit can be set for the floor temperature to prevent improper use.

Supplied with or without a back plate, depending if it is to be wired to a junction box.