ETHERMA D-24V – showers & spa areas

ETHERMA D-24V is the ideal solution for baths and spa areas. For example, for heated sunbeds, benches, steam showers and showers. This net heating mat has a nominal voltage of 24V and is therefore suitable for the temperature control of floors, for heating rooms or for cooling the walls in the protection area. The thin heating mat for maximum flexibility:

  • Thickness – 2.7 mm
  • Also suitable for wall heating
  • Self-adhesive netted heating mat
  • Single connection line
  • Very low magnetic field < 25 nT
  • Flat, torsion-free laying thanks to stitching technology
  • Custom-made special orders and sizes


The netted heating mat DS is a factory-made ready-to-use netted heating mat to temper the floor temperature, for heating rooms or sealing off the cold in walls in protected zones at a nominal voltage of 24 V. Due to the fact that it is only 2.7 mm thin it allows a low building height.

This netted heating mat is self-adhesive and because of the Dipole completion it can be easily installed in tile-adhesive layer and a nearly magnetic-field-free operation is guaranteed.

The stitching technology guarantees a 100% safe and easy installation as well as a high stability of the heating mat.

The netted heating mat D-24V is available in three standard outputs either 160, 200, 250 W/m².

Connection Line