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£224.25 inc VAT (breakdown on checkout)

  • 1800 Watts low-glare heating element (approx. 5,000 hours service life)
  • heating area up to 10.5m² in spring/autumn (3m from wall x 3.5m wide)
  • maximum heat radiation forwards thanks to innovative reflector
  • fast warm-up time
  • connection cable (with UK plug) 1.8m
  • IP 65 protection rating
  • straightforward installation
  • ceiling or wall mounting
  • best quality/price ratio
  • 2 year warranty

Delivery time: 5 to 7 working days


ETHERMA SOLID is a cost-effective entry-level infrared heater for outdoor entertaining and dining areas. The device comes with a low-glare infrared halogen lamp, so that despite its higher output, the red light fraction is minimised.

The high-quality aluminium housing ensures that the heater not only has a modern design, but also an extended service life.

Because the infrared wavelength emitted by the halogen lamp is not effected by air movement or wind, the heaters can be used very effectively to warm specific areas, for example a dining table or sofa.