Have you ever heard of infrared heating?

Would you like to enjoy the power of the sun in your own home? Well now you can…

The Sun makes us all feel good. That’s why we Britons make 67 million trips abroad each year in search of it, and hope to return home feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Traditional thinking is that a standard household radiator takes the place of solar heat when it’s not available to us, but it doesn’t! When you move away from the radiator you feel cold. A conventional radiator heats the air it comes into contact with. The warm air then rises, cools and descends taking dust particles and allergens with it. To feel warm we need to be in contact with the warm air which means continually heating all the air in the room – a never ending task as warm air is notoriously hard to keep in the room as it disappears out of the doors and windows only to be replaced by cold air entering.

Have you ever heard of infrared heating? It’s a relatively new innovation that is destined to be a game changer. It turns the above process on its head. Not only that, but the infrared panels are cost efficient to run, require zero maintenance, have a long lifespan and a number of associated health benefits. – now how’s that for a claim?

Infrared and convection heating compared

So how does it work? The infrared waves directly heat the solid objects in a room, like walls, furniture and people and not the air in between. Heat is then gradually released from these thermal masses back into the room giving an even temperature throughout the space without convection currents – incredible.

The heating panels themselves are slim, stylish and easily installed by securing to a ceiling or wall. They are powered by mains electricity and are at least 20% more energy efficient than a convection heater, more so when compared to old storage heaters.

A recent customer commented “I fitted a couple of infrared panels in my kitchen extension and was amazed to discover that they generate a really comfortable heat that penetrates your body, making you feel warm and relaxed – just like sitting in the sun”.

In addition there are more specific health benefits from the alleviation of aching joints, improved circulation and reduced air and dust movement; making this technology even more relevant to those who suffer from joint pain, cold extremities, allergies and asthma.

Who would have thought that heating can now be cool, cost efficient and healthy!

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