Kitchen heating LAVA infrared ceiling panels

Infrared kitchen heating

The chances are you have probably not come across infrared kitchen heating, so let us enlighten you!

When thinking about kitchen heating a number of considerations come to mind: will it help create a cosy relaxing atmosphere, is it controllable, will it utilise valuable wall space, is it cost effective, expensive to run, does it require annual servicing, the list goes on…

Kitchen designers tend to err towards underfloor heating as it does not constrain their design aspirations. However, those who already have underfloor heating know it does not tick all the boxes.

The good news is an alternative form of discrete kitchen heating known as infrared is available which helps to create a cosy family kitchen. The infrared heating provides a cosier feel as the occupants are directly warmed without the need to heat-up the air – just like sitting in the sun. By directly warming the occupants, the ‘warm-up’ time of an infrared system is much quicker than underfloor heating making it a more responsive, controllable and energy efficient heating option. Absorbing the infrared into the skin is also particularly relaxing and comforting.

As a thermal mass, the kitchen floor absorbs the infrared and warms to approx. 16°C removing the chill and making it a pleasant surface to walk on with bare feet.

Flush-mounted LAVA FRAME infrared ceiling panels are an ideal form of kitchen heating. They keep the walls free for kitchen units, provide a discreet installation and ensure optimum distribution of infrared throughout the kitchen preventing any cold spots.

The cost of infrared kitchen heating

When comparing the purchase and installation cost for a 40m2 kitchen (shown in the images), wet underfloor heating came to £5,050 (incl. VAT) whilst the infrared heating came to £2,862 (incl. VAT) saving £2,188 and proving the infrared kitchen heating to be a more cost-effective and quicker heating system to install.

The LAVA FRAME infrared panels have no moving parts and are therefore completely silent with a particularly long operational life (>20 years). They also require no ongoing maintenance or annual servicing. These benefits make a LAVA FRAME infrared heating system one of the most cost-effective kitchen heating systems on the market when whole-life costs are taken into consideration.

Our client is really pleased with the infrared kitchen heating – the LAVA FRAME units look lovely and discreet and they certainly work. We were all removing layers yesterday as they kicked out the heat!

Completion Ltd (interior designers)

LAVA FRAME product benefits

LAVA FRAME is ideally suited for installation in dry construction and concrete. This means that the LAVA infrared heater blends even better into the architecture of the room and becomes virtually invisible. Suitable as full area heating or also for creating defined heating zones within a larger space. This system not only saves the heating costs (only £1.26/day for a 40m2 kitchen), but also ensures a pleasant, healthy indoor climate by reducing the circulation of dust particles and allergens.

  • Suitable for wall and ceiling installation
  • Mounting frame with Easy-Click
  • Flush-mounted installation
  • Simple installation
  • Large infrared radiation surface
  • High radiant heating effect
  • Maintenance-free and magnetic field-free

ETHERMA eTOUCH eco product benefits

LAVA FRAME infrared panels can be accurately controlled by a hard-wired eTOUCH-eco programmable thermostat. Modern, precise control is the key to saving operating costs and avoiding wasting valuable energy.

eTOUCH eco wall mounted thermostat
  • Easy menu navigation
  • 4 programmes: Home, office, timer and heating
  • Installation mode: Sensor and hysteresis calibration,
  • Self-learning function
  • Energy consumption indicator
  • Switching from summer to winter time is completely automatic
  • Switchable between output control, underfloor, room or combi thermostat
  • Temperature drop detection
  • Ecodesign compliant

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