Luxurious bathroom heating

Sunbathing in sub-zero temperatures thanks to infrared

Have you ever wondered why you don’t freeze on a sunny winter’s day in sub-zero temperatures? This is the principle of infrared warmth at work. When infrared warmth reaches our skin, it instantly releases a pleasant sensation of heat and it is therefore also called ‘radiant warmth’. Infrared heating is based on this principle of direct warmth and provides particularly efficient heat, saving on energy costs and reducing the generation of dust and allergens. It is arguably the last word in luxurious bathroom heating.

ARC Thermal Products specialises in infrared heating within homes. For example, infrared heaters provide the perfect heating for bathrooms, creating a pleasant spa-like feeling.

LAVA BATH Glass in pure white 400 W

The LAVA® BATH 2.0 is the perfect heat source for bathrooms. The infrared radiant heat is generated by a special magnetic field-free heating element: once turned on, the surface of the panel is heated to a constant 80°C infusing the bathroom with a cozy warmth and thanks to the towel holder, luxuriously warm towels.

LAVA BATH 2.0 Infrared Heater with towel rail:

  • High proportion of infrared heat
  • Available in 4 surfaces: steel, white green glass, pure white glass & mirror
  • Frame-less infinity design
  • Plug & play plug-in system for simple, individual control
  • Various thermostat options as accessories
  • 1 towel rail LAVA® Halti included – 1 further available as an accessory
  • Easy installation – only vertical wall mounting
  • Maintenance and magnetic field free
LAVA BATH 2.0 surfaces

Other bathroom heating products can be chosen; for example the LAVA GLASS 2.0 MIRROR or the Invisible Towel Rail.

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