Contemporary apartment heating

A large property developer has an on-going programme of acquiring, renovating and letting apartment blocks in London. Whilst the outside of their buildings show the elegant era in which they were built, the apartments within need to be completely refurbished to a high standard with a contemporary design, including the apartment heating, to meet the demands of modern living.

The need for an energy efficient apartment heating system

To refurbish hundreds of flats across multiple apartment blocks in Greater London. The developer wanted an energy efficient apartment heating system which provided excellent thermal comfort for their tenants and complemented the interior design of the apartments and the overall character of the buildings. It was important that the product range included heaters which were appropriate for the three categories of apartment, namely First Class, Premium and Standard. In the communal areas of the apartment blocks, the heating needed to be controlled remotely to prevent unauthorised use and avoid unnecessary heating costs.

As both a developer and landlord, the challenge was to source a heating system which was easy to install, good for the building, had a long life and required no on-going maintenance.

Apartment heating Solution

With an extensive range of quality models and various heat outputs, ETHERMA’s infrared heating panels were the ideal choice for the apartment heating, addressing all the challenges set by the developer. The decision to use wireless controls simplified the installation process making the infrared heating system a cost-effective option. Central control of the communal area heating with ETHERMA’s home automation system (eNEXHO) means the heating is efficiently used and can be adjusted without the need for staff to attend site.

The flexibility to install the infrared panels either landscape or portrait ensures space within the apartments is fully optimised and that the infrared heaters become an integral part of the interior design. The result for the tenants is an aesthetically pleasing energy efficient heating system which provides a superior level of thermal comfort and lower heating costs.

A ‘just in time’ delivery process was adopted to prevent any delay to the refurbishment programme and to avoid potential damage from the infrared panels having to be stored on-site.

Apartment heating in detail

The developer opted to use LAVA® CERAMIC infrared heating panels in the First Class Apartments, LAVA® GLAS 2.0 design infrared panels in the Premium Apartments and LAVA® BASIC-DM infrared panels in the Standard Apartments. With the new PLUG & PLAY control system, installation time is kept to a minimum and heating control to a maximum.

Because the infrared panels are controlled by wireless ET-12 programmable thermostats, creating different heating zones within an apartment becomes a straightforward process. Precise control of the heating is the key to saving operating costs and not wasting valuable energy.

The eNEXHO home automation system was used to control the infrared apartment heating in communal areas of the building. This fully automatic system is ideal for blocks of flats, apartments and hotels and is easily managed remotely via a smartphone, tablet or PC using a free app.

LAVA® Infrared Heating – Product Benefits

  • Very high proportion of radiation
  • Large infrared emitting surface
  • Modern infinity design
  • Pleasant room climate thanks to comfortable infrared radiant heat
  • Pure and healthy air – ideal for allergy sufferers
  • Magnetic field & maintenance free
  • Plug & Play connection system for easy individual control
  • High security thanks to 6 mm toughened safety glass
  • 3 different surfaces with up to 6 different outputs
  • Made in Austria – high quality standards

Plug & Play Connection System

All LAVA® 2.0 (wall panels) are standard supplied with a power cord and an ON/OFF switch. Thanks to the new Plug & Play connection system, integrated LAVA®-R control, a LAVA®-F radio receiver or a wired room thermostat can be connected.

eNEXHO Home Automation System

eNEXHO is a complete product family that enables home automation with more comfort and security for homes, apartments and hotels. For the networking is a commercially available Wi-Fi router sufficient. If you connect this router to the Internet, access from outside to all components is easy and in real-time bi-directional possible.

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  • Project Type: Refurbishing City Apartments
  • Client: Property Developer & Landlord
  • Location: London, UK
  • Products Installed: LAVA Ceramic, LAVA Glass 2.0 & LAVA Basic-DM