Yoga studio heating

For the development of their hot yoga studio the team from Humming Puppy set itself the task to create modern rooms with an extraordinary atmosphere – “Come in and leave the world outside“ was the name of the game. It was important for the hot yoga studio heating to achieve an indoor climate with a constant temperature of 38°C-40°C, in which the yogis feel relaxed and comfortable.

The perfect yoga studio environment

Fundamental to the new hot yoga studio was the need to create the ideal environment for relaxation. It was important that the atmosphere within the studios reflected the company’s motto “enter and leave the world outside”. The hot yoga studio heating system also needed to be environmentally friendly and save energy. The big challenge was to warm up the large studios with high ceilings to the desired 38°C-40°C for the yoga lessons without creating draughts or cold-spots. Any drafts resulting from convection heating or ventilation creates an unpleasant feel on the skin as perspiration evaporates.

A stylish hot yoga heating solution

LAVA® Glass infrared heaters were the ideal yoga studio heating solution. These are based on the principle of solar radiation which directly heats objects, walls and people. This results is no air circulation which is the cause of drafts. The heat generated by the infrared panels is stored in the fabric of the building and then gradually released back into the room creating a pleasant indoor climate in which the occupants feel very comfortable.

By suspending 15 LAVA® Glass infrared panels from the ceiling, the infrared waves directly warm the yoga students. In addition, the elegant black glass version of the LAVA®-DM enhanced the luxurious and somewhat mystical held character of the Yoga studio. The result is stunning example of how form and functionality can work together to create the perfect environment.

Hot yoga heating solution in detail

LAVA Glass-DM 1000W infrared heaters are particularly effective at heating individual zones within a larger space and were installed to provide a fast and precise heating system. Due to their modern design, they became an essential component of the Yoga Studio’s internal architecture.

Due to the high ceiling of the Yoga studios, the LAVA Glass-DM 1000W panels were suspended 2.5m above the floor to achieve the desired air temperature of 38°C-40°C at ground level. The LAVA Glass panels are controlled by a wireless thermostat which simplified the installation process.

The radiated heat from the 15 infrared panels directly warms the people in the room and creates a pleasant warming sensation – similar to sitting in direct sunlight. This is in contrast to convection heating, where the entire volume of air in a room has to be heated (from ceiling down – as hot air rises).

Using the LAVA Design Infrared heaters for the hot yoga studio heating no only saves heating and energy costs, but creates a pleasant healthy indoor climate without disturbing convection currents (airflow). The LAVA Glass-DM has been designed and developed specifically for mounting directly on the ceiling or suspended from it.

Product Benefits.


  • Unique design
  • Pleasant indoor climate due to infrared radiant heat
  • Pure and healthy air – ideal for allergy sufferers, without drafts
  • Lightweight design – easy ceiling installation
  • Safety from 6 mm toughened safety glass
  • Maintenance and magnetic field free
  • Plug & Play connection system for easy individual control
  • Heat storage up to 1 hour
  • Particularly suitable for the heating of individual zones within large rooms

Download hot yoga case study

  • Project Type: Studio Refurbishment
  • Client: Humming Puppy
  • Location: Melbourne, Australia
  • Products Installed: LAVA Glass DM in Black