Comfortable heating

We want you to feel comfortable with your heating, because choosing the heating system will affect your life. In addition to efficiency, comfort should not be neglected. Indoor infrared heating fulfils both criteria.

For many years, the rumour has persisted that heating with electricity is expensive. But that is history. Due to the technical developments, precise control as well better insulated buildings, this statement no longer applies.

What type of heating are you looking for?


Efficient, convenient and comfortable heating

efficientelectricheatingIndoor infrared heating offers a low-cost, clean, convenient and intelligent option.

Heating rethought with an optimal combination of efficiency and convenience making it more:

  • efficient with the latest infrared technology and intelligent control
  • sustainable with innovative ideas, recyclable materials and solar power
  • comfortable with infrared technology offering superior thermal comfort over convection heating

The ETHERMA heating systems supplied by ARC can be combined with sustainable power generation (e.g. by means of solar panels) to create a heating system for the future with very low energy consumption and no emissions.

Our innovative heating systems offer a combination of: