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Flush mounted LAVA® infrared heater for in-wall or in-ceiling installation, the heaters are ideally suited for full heating or zone heating.

  • Available outputs: 350 W, 500 W and 750 W
  • Suitable for flush wall and ceiling installation
  • Easy installation of panel within the ‘easy-click’ LAVA® FRAME
  • Lightweight design
  • Large infrared emitting surface
  • High proportion of infrared
  • Maintenance and magnetic-field free
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LAVA® FRAME is a 22 mm deep recessed mounting accessory for the LAVA BASIC-DM infrared heating panel. The mounting frame allows the LAVA BASIC-DM panel to be mounted flush with the surface of the wall or ceiling to deliver an unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing installation. LAVA® FRAME is ideal for use in both dry construction (e.g. plasterboard or wood) and in concrete.

The magnetic-free LAVA-BASIC panel generates infrared radiant heat which, unlike convection heaters, directly warms all objects within the room to create a pleasant, healthy environment where the occupants feel comfortably warm. This stylish form of heating is easy to install, saves energy, is silent to run, highly controllable and requires no ongoing maintenance.