Luxurious bathroom heaters

Discover the ultimate in bathroom heaters with luxurious warmth from our range of LAVA BATH infrared panel heaters. These infrared heaters are cost effective to install, offer a modern sleek design, are space-conscious and have low running costs.

Infrared heaters are the perfect solution for bathrooms, creating a pleasant spa-like feel. The infrared directly warms your body, producing a comfortable warm feeling, even when you have to get out of the bath or shower.

The infrared heat is generated by a special heating element with no magnetic field. Once switched on, the infrared heater surface is uniformly heated to a constant 80°C giving snug warmth within the shortest time. With the heated towel rail, it also provides cosy warm towels. An additional towel rail can be added if required.

Stylish energy efficient bathroom heaters

The LAVA BATH 2.0 infrared heaters are particularly efficient and energy-saving. The glass model uses 6mm thick ESG toughened Pilkington safety glass as well as two temperature limiters to guarantee complete safety in the bathroom.

The EMIMAX technology turns the heater surface into an excellent infrared emitter and ensures an even heat distribution on the infrared panel’s front surface. The highly insulated rear guarantees a higher efficiency maximising the amount of infrared which is emitted into the room, making the LAVA Bath 2.0 one of the most efficient infrared panels on the market.

The LAVA BATH 2.0 Mirror makes a stylish, energy-efficient addition to any bathroom. This panel combines function with an unprecedented level of heating comfort whilst preventing any mist or condensation from forming on the mirror surface. LAVA Bath 2.0 are available in a range of finishes.

The practical Plug & Play connection system on the rear of the LAVA BATH 2.0 comes with a basic on/off switch and makes it quick and easy to attach the desired controller. For example, direct connection to a hard-wired wall mounted room thermostat (e.g. eTOUCH-eco or eTwist Bluetooth thermostat), easy integration with a wireless programmable thermostat (e.g. LAVA-F and ET-14A), or direct control on the device itself with the LAVA Timer (LAVA-T) giving just two hours of heating at a time.

Installer benefits from LAVA infrared bathroom heaters

  • Quick and easy installation reduces the build programme – approx. 1.5 days time saving per bathroom compared with electric underfloor heating
  • Lower installation costs compared to electric underfloor heating and a towel rail (see comparison table below)
  • Avoids the need to install a separate towel rail as the LAVA BATH is both a room heater and towel warmer
  • Variety of panel surfaces & outputs available:
    • Powder coated steel (350W, 500W, 700W)
    • Glass: Pure white/White-green (350W, 400W, 500W, 600W, 700W)
    • Mirror (350W, 400W, 500W, 600W, 700W)

Purchase and installation cost comparison table (VAT not included)

Bathroom Heating Products3.7m2 Bathroom6m2 Bathroom8m2 Bathroom
Electric Underfloor Heating and Towel Rail£1,110£1,38931,882
LAVA Bath Steel (model)£670 (350W)£750 (500W)£750 (500W)

Owner & user benefits

  • Infrared heating provides better thermal comfort than convection heating as you are directly warmed without the need to heat-up the air. Absorbing the infrared into the skin is particularly relaxing and incredibly comforting especially in a bathroom where little or no clothing is worn
  • LAVA Bath has lower running costs than electric underfloor and electric convection heating (min. saving of 50% and 30% respectively) and a lower carbon footprint (see table below).
  • Maintenance free operation with no requirement for annual servicing
  • Quick warm-up time (approx. 10 mins compared to >1 hour for underfloor heating) means infrared is a more controllable and responsive heating system
  • Infrared takes the chill off tiled floors: floor and wall surface temperature is circa 16°C -18°C
  • The bathroom and towels dry faster where infrared heating is used
  • No convection currents mean a healthier, less stuffy environment benefiting asthma sufferers and those with respiratory issues
  • The infrared energy remains in walls and bathroom furniture (thermal mass) and continues to radiate heat for approx 1 hour after the LAVA Bath has been switched off. Heat is more easily lost with underfloor heating, which works mainly through convection and is therefore susceptible to draughts
  • 5 year warranty with a long service life of 20 years +

Running cost comparison based on a 3.7m2 bathroom

HEATING OPTIONAnnual Running Cost (incl. VAT)Carbon Footprint (CO2)
Electric Underfloor Heating & Towel Rail£239.62393 kg
LAVA Bath£88.12
145 kg
SAVINGS£151.50248 kg*
* Product lifetime (20+ years) saving of 4.96 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide

LAVA bath infrared heating benefits the building

Infrared heating prevents damp. Convection heaters warm up the air and leave the walls cold which can cause condensation when the two come into contact. In contrast, infrared heaters warm and dry the walls preventing condensation and damp occurring which is particularly important in bathrooms.

Infrared creates better insulated walls. Infrared penetrates the walls driving any moisture to the surface where it evaporates. Drier walls are better insulators which ultimately leads to long term cost savings through a lower heating requirement and reduced maintenance.

Product range

Invisible Towel Rail
Invisible Towel Rail
ETHERMA ZESTO is an innovative invisible electric towel rail with a designer thermostat offering a number of benefits:
  • Uniquely space saving
  • Pleasant infrared heat which quickly dries and warms used towels
  • A harmonious interior scene, thanks to the heating system being integrated within the wall
  • Elegant KEUCO towel rail included – up to 3 more additional rails can be added
  • Designer mounted thermostat with 2 relay outputs which can simultaneously control the ZESTO and an electric underfloor heating system
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LAVA Infrared Heater with towel rail
  • High proportion of infrared heat
  • Available in 4 surfaces: steel, white green glass, pure white glass & mirror
  • Frame-less infinity design
  • Plug & play plug-in system for simple, individual control
  • Various thermostat options as accessories
  • 1 towel rail LAVA® Halti included - 1 further available as an accessory
  • Easy installation - only vertical wall mounting
  • Maintenance and magnetic field free
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