Warehouse heating presents many challenges. Warehouse buildings are usually poorly insulated structures with large volumes and high ceilings (see heating large spaces with high ceilings).

* 25% to 40% grant *
* Only heat workstation areas *
* Feels like the warmth of the sun *
* Keeps your staff happy *

Inside, a range of activities are undertaken which require different temperatures for staff to feel comfortable.

Ensuring staff have the appropriate level of heating improves morale and productivity as well as improving health and safety.

Warehouse heating solution

The answer is to just heat the occupied areas and not to attempt to heat the entire volume of the building.

WHIZ (Wireless Heated Infrared Zone) is an industrial building workstation heating solution.

WHIZ is perfect for warehouse, factory, distribution centre and industrial building workstation heating.

Here is a warehouse workstation heating solution page within our website.

It is a fully controllable cost-effective system that ensures healthy, dust-free, silent and energy efficient heating.

How does it work?

WHIZ heating zoneThe human body is designed to accept and emit infrared waves.

WHIZ works on the principle of the sun by producing a gentle infrared wavelength that penetrates the air effectively, directly warming people.

It also warms objects, including the floor. These in turn act as secondary heaters, raising the air temperature in the immediate area.

If you like the warmth of the sun then you will love the feeling you get working under a WHIZ heating system.

How is WHIZ different?

Unlike warm air heaters which use excessive energy to continually heat a building’s entire atmosphere, Whiz works in a targeted manner. It uses infrared to:

  • directly warm people and objects which retain the warmth, making you feel comfortable at a lower ambient temperature
  • create ‘heat islands’ around workstations, only warming a fraction of the building’s total volume
  • avoid heat loss when large doors are opened for deliveries
  • reduce air movement and create a hygienic indoor climate where the spread of airborne viruses, allergens, dust and odours is reduced.

As a result, WHIZ is one of the most cost-effective and energy efficient heating solutions for maintaining a comfortable working environment in an industrial building (see Case Study).

Low Carbon WorkspacesThe WHIZ system qualifies for an energy efficiency grant that covers between 25% to 40% of the total cost  (capital investment and installation).

Why would we use WHIZ?

By just heating the occupied areas of your warehouse. you will  reduce your heating costs significantly (up to 80%) and improve your business’s environmental credentials.

A major benefit of WHIZ is that it can be programmed to accommodate different shift patterns so only the occupied workstations will be heated at any one time.

By ensuring staff have the right level of thermal comfort you will improve morale and productivity as well as improving health and safety.

Individuals have different thermal requirements and therefore the temperature at each work station will need to be different to keep everyone comfortable.

It allows the operatives to regulate the temperature of their own workstation whilst giving overall control at management level, making WHIZ as tailored and energy efficient as possible.

Benefits of WHIZ include:

  • focused infrared zone heating
  • comfortable hygienic working environment
  • completely silent system
  • dark infrared emitter with no light emission
  • WHIZ Hub controls up to 32 workstations
  • individual temperature control at each workstation
  • overall admin control on-site or remotely via smart devices (unlimited users)
  • straightforward installation
  • low/no ongoing maintenance
  • easily expandable modular system
  • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty

Simple installation

WHIZ allows for a straightforward installation.

Requirements include:

  • 240V power supply to the heater
  • suspended or wall mounted (3m-3.5m above the workstation)
  • wireless internet router on site to enable WHIZ to access the internet

Installation can be carried out by your own electrician and we will support them as necessary through our technical helpline.

Alternatively, we can provide a complete turnkey solution and undertake the installation for you (quote provided following a site survey/desktop assessment).

Call 0800 210 0288 or email sales@arc-ers.co.uk to find out more.