Quality is in the detail

Quality is not something we only pay lip service to. All ETHERMA products undergo external quality testing. Our efficient, technically sophisticated LAVA infrared heaters have been awarded the EC and TÜV seals of approval, thus demonstrating their standard-compliant processing and the necessary safety of the panels


LAVA infrared heating is as stylish as it is elegant. The different surfaces and finishes of our LAVA range are as diverse as your living spaces. You can for example design your infrared heating yourself, thanks to our Wish motif – LAVA DYL 2.0. But all of our heaters have one thing in common – they are frame-less and perfectly finished.

Ideal materials for more warmth

A crucial quality factor is the finish of the surface of the infrared heating system. We use the highest quality surface materials such as glass or ceramic.
In this way, we can guarantee an optimal radiant effect and efficient diffusion of infrared heat throughout the room.

Radiant effect

MAXIMUM heat radiation is directed forwards with almost no heat loss at the back, thanks to the optimal insulation. The generous radiation surface and homogeneous surface temperature of a LAVA infrared heaters warms the room evenly thereby preventing “cold spots”.

Safety without compromise

Despite the rapid warming-up phase, two temperature limiters prevent overheating as well as any burn hazard from coming into contact with the panel. The six-millimeter thick ESG glass and/or special ceramic as well as the Teflon-insulated, high-temperature resistant dipole heating element guarantee maximum safety.

Don’t compromise when it comes to comfort and efficiency

Made in Austria

In order to continually meet our own demands and your requirements, ETHERMA develops and manufactures its LAVA Infrared heating systems with top-quality materials in Austria. In the two production facilities in Salzburg, our infrared heaters are manufactured in compliance with the highest, international standard, subjected to expert quality inspection and prepared with a lot of attention to detail and care for transport to our customers.