Heating utility buildings

If you’re busy in your workshop, seeking sanctuary in a she shed, or squirreling away in your home office, you need to make sure you stay warm and cosy when the temperatures start to fall.

Choosing the right heating solution depends on the size of your utility building, level of insulation and the type of activities which are being undertaken.

Get the heating right and whatever the weather you will feel inspired and motivated to get out there every day of the year and enjoy your space!

Infrared heating is a particularly effective form of heating for utility buildings because it:

  • is easy to install
  • saves on floor space due to flexible mounting options on the wall (landscape or portrait) or ceiling
  • has a quick heat-up time and lower heating cost (30% < electric convection heaters)
  • provides maintenance free operation with no requirement for regular servicing
  • improves the occupants thermal comfort as the infrared directly warms the body
  • is better for the building. In contrast to convection heating (heating air) where the moisture held within warm air condenses when it meets a cold surface increasing the likelihood of mould, wood rot and salt damp or flaking paintwork; infrared warms the surfaces of objects without warming the air. As a result the relative humidity in the air remains low and when the air meets a warm surface, condensation does not occur.

Our infrared heating products are suitable for a wide range of utility buildings…