Use the wall as an infrared heater

An in-wall infrared heating system is versatile and like underfloor heating provides an invisible heat source. The heating mat is laid directly under the plaster in areas of the wall where the infrared waves generated will not be impeded for example by furniture.

Infrared in-wall heating creates a pleasant radiant heat which uses the thermal mass of the room the warm the space rather than convection currents.

ETHERMA WST – living areas, bathrooms, spas
ETHERMA WST – living areas, bathrooms, spas
A strong dipole netted heating mat for use in walls
  • Voltage 42V and 230V
  • Only 3.3 mm thin
  • Prevention against damp walls
  • Pleasant infrared radiant heat
A bespoke version of the WST heating mat can be made to order depending on the size, voltage, output required.

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Invisible Towel Rail
Invisible Towel Rail
ETHERMA ZESTO is an innovative invisible electric towel rail with a designer thermostat offering a number of benefits:
  • Uniquely space saving
  • Pleasant infrared heat which quickly dries and warms used towels
  • A harmonious interior scene, thanks to the heating system being integrated within the wall
  • Elegant KEUCO towel rail included – up to 3 more additional rails can be added
  • Designer mounted thermostat with 2 relay outputs which can simultaneously control the ZESTO and an electric underfloor heating system
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