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Invisible Towel Rail

ETHERMA ZESTO is an innovative invisible electric towel rail with a designer thermostat offering a number of benefits:

  • Uniquely space saving
  • Pleasant infrared heat which quickly dries and warms used towels
  • A harmonious interior scene, thanks to the heating system being integrated within the wall
  • Elegant KEUCO towel rail included – up to 3 more additional rails can be added
  • Designer mounted thermostat with 2 relay outputs which can simultaneously control the ZESTO and an electric underfloor heating system


The ETHERMA ZESTO is a new, innovative invisible towel rail, including a designer thermostat and KEUCO towel rail. The product includes energy saving functionality (running cost £0.02/hr) and a beautiful design. If you are looking for a towel rail with a difference, you have found it.

The in-wall mounted ZESTO towel rail comprises:

  • A wall heating set consisting of a heating mat and limiter (approx. 60°C)
  • An eTOUCH-hybrid designer fixed thermostat with smart button programming
  • A high-quality, chrome-plated KEUCO towel rail including mounting rail and an insulating plate

The netted heating mat, insulating plate and corrosion-resistant mounting rail for the towel rail are
installed within the wall. The thin-bed net heating mat can be laid in the tiling adhesive under tiles, wall panels or in the plaster.

The rail offers a total of four potential mounting points (at 13 cm intervals) on which the towel rail(s) can be installed.

To control the ZESTO towel warmer, the set includes an eTOUCH-hybrid fixed switching thermostat. This includes a large LCD display, programmable switch on/off times and complies with the Eco-design Directive.

Don’t just settle for an old fashioned electric towel rail for your home or for your client’s home when a modern, energy efficient and beautiful invisible towel rail is available.