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Thermocassette Infrared Panel

Suitable for ceiling heights up to 3.5m, the Thermocassette provides a discreet heating solution where suspended ceilings have been installed.

The panels are ideal for either full or spot heating solutions and the mounting system means they form an integral part of the ceiling grid.

  • Focused heating
  • Unobtrusive design
  • Easy Installation
  • Seamless integration in suspended ceiling grid


The Thermocassette TC Far-Infrared Heating Panel is a universal heating panel that is installed in a suspended ceiling grid (T-type) or can be attached directly by brackets on a standard ceiling. By ceiling mounting the TC panels (suitable for ceiling heights up to 3.5m) the wall & floor surfaces are kept free for other uses.

The low operating temperature (max. 100°C at the heating element) provides a soft and comfortable far-infrared heat radiation.

This technology provides a potential energy saving of between 15%-30% over standard convection heating systems due to the occupants being warmed directly.