Cleaner air

Traditional heating methods rely on convection currents to move the warmed air around the room and provide thermal comfort to the occupants. These currents move not only air, but also dust particles and other allergens, a fact that can cause issues for people who suffer with asthma, allergies or other respiratory problems.

Choosing LAVA Infrared heating means there is no unwanted movement of air, which creates a more pleasant environment.

Stable humidity

Infrared heating maintains a stable humidity of 45%-55% which avoids dry skin normally associated with convection heating.

Contact lenses are also less prone to drying-out in rooms heated with infrared.

Infrared heating improves peripheral circulation

Health benefits of Far Infrared heating

Physiotherapists have used infrared for many years to treat stiffness, painful joints and muscular aches. It works by promoting better circulation in the body, encouraging healing blood cells towards the site of the pain.

Using infrared heating means you can benefit from the healing properties of infrared heat every single day, helping you feel better.

Key health benefits

  • Less dust and allergens in the air
  • Atmosphere becomes more pleasant and easier to breathe in
  • Improved circulation and reduced aches and pains
  • Superior thermal comfort with no cold spots
  • Problems with damp, mould and condensation are reduced