Solamagic Z1 free standing heater

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Our new premium free standing short-wave infrared heater provides warmth exactly where you want it…

  • hardly any residual light (< 1 Lux) thanks to the innovative “NO GLARE” heating tube
  • heating area localised (eg sofa or one side of dining table)
  • flexible positioning
  • no warm-up phase
  • no voltage peaks thanks to soft start
  • emergency shutdown in the event of tilting thanks to an intelligent position sensor

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The SOLAMAGIC Z1 is our new, innovative free standing infrared radiant heater. It is sure to impress, not only with its cutting-edge design, but also its highest levels of safety and perfectly targeted warmth.

This infrared heater leaves nothing out when it comes to safety. It includes an automatic shut-off which is activated as soon as the unit is tilted or in the event of any power limitation during the soft start-up phase.

The body is made from premium quality aluminium and comes in an impressive, elegant design. The Solastar-AL heating tube has a lifespan of approximately 5,000 hours and combines a pleasant light colour with excellent heating performance and minimal residual light emission (<1 Lux).

In indoor and outdoor areas the Z1 infrared heater creates extremely comfortable heat zones and can be easily positioned to provide the maximum benefit.

Because of their short wavelength, warmth from a Solamagic Z1 heater penetrates the air particularly efficiently without being affected by wind. This guarantees a higher level of thermal comfort and a lower operating cost when compared to gas heaters.


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