Efficient Office Heating

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If you are looking to boost productivity, keep staff happy and reduce energy costs have you thought about your office heating systems? On the one hand, people don’t like to work in cold, draughty offices. On the other hand, management want an energy efficient office heating system. Old fashioned heating systems such as radiators are inefficient and they can create a stuffy environment making the occupants feel lethargic. The result can be a drop in productivity.

ETHERMA LAVA Basic DM Infrared heating panels tick all the right boxes, including the fact that they are easy to install and provide efficient office heating. They have flexible mounting options which allow the infrared heating panels to be installed on the ceiling or high up on the wall in either landscape or portrait orientation. Mounting the infrared panels on the ceiling keeps the wall space free for filing cabinets and ensures an even distribution of heating throughout an office, eliminating cold spots.

LAVA Basic DM 1000 infrared panels with wireless controls

Radio-controlled programmable thermostats avoid the need for new cable routes and simplify the installation process. It also means that each office can have its own thermostat, providing personalised temperature control.

LAVA Infrared heating works on the principle of solar radiation. The infrared heat is absorbed by thermal mass (the ceiling, walls, floor, furniture and people) where it is stored and gradually released back into the room. This homogeneous heating of the room means there is only a small temperature gradient between floor and ceiling. This prevents convection currents and helps to prevent cold drafts coming in through the windows.

Infrared panels have no moving parts. This gives them a long operational life without any ongoing maintenance requirements. This also means that the infrared office heating system is completely silent: a major benefit in a modern office environment which is looking for efficient office heating and happy staff.

Comfortable Staff Are More Productive

Thermal comfort is important both for one’s well-being and for productivity. Maintaining constant thermal conditions in the offices is important. Even minor deviation from comfort may be stressful and affect staff performance.

Superior Thermal Comfort

Using infrared heating for offices has a number benefits for the staff and the business as it offers:

Infrared, also known as Radiant heating provides high levels of thermal comfort, taking heating to a completely new level.

Silent, Safe and Eco-friendly Operation

Infrared heating is silent, nearly 100% efficient and inexpensive to run, helping you cut your business’s carbon footprint.

Healthy Work Environment

Because the infrared heat is radiated rather than circulated in a convection current, this form of heating does not disturb dust and other allergens, thereby creating a healthier environment for asthma sufferers or others with respiratory issues. Infrared is used by physiotherapists to treat stiffness and joint pain, and is well known to promote general feelings of wellbeing and good health.

Easy Installation, Maintenance Free and Built to Last

The infrared heating panels can be mounted on the walls or ceilings of offices for the ultimate in flexibility. No expensive installation required, simply plug and play. Infrared heating has no moving parts and there is no requirement to service it regularly.

If you are a business with offices, an office fit-out company, an office interior designer, or an office relocation company and are interested in an energy efficient office heating system for you or your clients, we can help you. Visit our contact page here.