Efficient Space Heating

Medium wave infrared heating (ETHERMA EZ heaters) provides an efficient alternative to gas and convection based systems when it comes to heating large spaces with high ceilings. The infrared delivers energy efficiency, optimum comfort and zoned heating if required.

For offices or retail units we have wall or ceiling mounted long wave LAVA Basic DM infrared panels and specially designed ETHERMA TC infrared panels heaters which drop into suspended ceiling grids.

Savings can be achieved through infrared heating because it is possible to precisely heat only those areas that require heating i.e. where people are working or relaxing. The ability to create heated zones can result in significant savings; convection heating needs to heat the entire space as the warm air cannot be contained within a required zone.

Our infrared space heating range for commercial & industrial application are ideally suited to hotels, cafes and restaurants, offices, schools, warehouses, churches and garages.

What do you want to heat?

Grant Funding Option

ERDF is offering an energy efficiency grant to help businesses save money and greenhouse gas emissions by improving the energy efficiency of their workspace.

The energy efficiency grant covers between 25% – 40% of the overall cost (capital and installation) of the project.