Extending the Outdoor Season

Outdoor heating enables restaurants and bars to remain COVID-19 compliant and increase the number of customers by using their outdoor areas – warm customers stay longer. At home, outdoor heating is an affordable luxury which means you can safely entertain your family and friends in your garden, even on cooler days or evenings.

Safety and peace of mind in winter

In wintry conditions, our open-space heating systems improve safety by preventing vehicle accidents and people slipping on icy surfaces. In addition to giving peace of mind, the fully automated protection systems save a lot of time and effort which would otherwise have been spent de-icing or clearing snow.

What do you want to heat?

Lease Finance Option

ARC now offers a lease finance option for businesses wishing to purchase Outdoor Heating Systems and Products (over £1,000).

Due to the tax breaks available for lease finance, this option often works out cheaper than a straight forward purchase.