LAVA-F: Radio Receiver

LAVA-F: Simpler with Radio

  • Control according to your requirements
  • Radio receiver with 16 A relay in wall-mounted housing
  • Just plug and play with LAVA 2.0 infrared panels
  • Standard model can also be retrofitted
  • Wireless functionality of thermostats avoid any disruptive installation work

Radio-controlled thermostats avoid complex elevation and plaster work for cable routing and allow easy installation of heaters. The LAVA-F radio receiver can be quickly fitted to all LAVA 2.0 panels using the connection system.


The LAVA-F radio receiver, in conjunction with an ET-11A or ET-12A thermostat (please order separately), allows easy switching of up to 99 LAVA Design infrared heaters.

The frequency range of 868 MHz ensures a long range and optimal connection can be easily used with all LAVA 2.0, through the Plug & Play connection system.