ETHERMA Custom-made – project specific

ETHERMA is one of the few manufacturers to offer custom-made netted heating mats – for technically perfect, easy and fast installation even in architecturally challenging buildings or on board luxury motor yachts!

Netted heating mats are the ideal solution, particularly in bathrooms and wellness areas. For example, for heated reclining surfaces, benches, steam showers or shower bases.


To enable us to make your bespoke heating mat you will need to provide us with the following information:


A precise description of the application of the netted heating mat is a pre-condition for a technically optimised design

So, do you want:

  • Temperature control or heating?
  • How high is your is desired surface temperature?
  • How good is the insulation?


A precise sketch, CAD drawing or template with details and dimensions of curves, corners, edges and and curvatures simplify planning.

Connection Position

You should note the precise position of the connection and the desired length of the connection cable.

Heating Lines

You will be offered two different types of heating line for all custom-made netted heating mats in order to guarantee a technically optimal solution and trouble-free operation.

Stitching direction

In order to prevent damage to the heating lines of the netted heating mat due to laying over corners or edges, the stitching direction – horizontal or vertical – must be taken into consideration in the planning.