LAVA-R: Integrated Thermostat

LAVA-R: Simpler with an Integrated Thermostat

  • Control according to your requirements
  • Just plug and play with LAVA 2.0 infrared panels
  • Standard model can also be retrofitted
  • Thermostat specifically designed for infrared heating


In combination with the eNEXHO home automation system, you can conveniently control your LAVA design infrared appliances via a Smartphone, Tablet or PC.


All LAVA 2.0 infrared heaters can be fitted with a thermostat which has been developed specifically for infrared heaters. The thermostat controls the room temperature and optimises the surface temperature of the LAVA. Furthermore, the surface temperature in children‘s rooms and bathrooms, for example, can be limited to 60°C with a switch. The adjustable temperature range is 5 to 35°C.

The LAVA-R thermostat can be easily fitted to all LAVA 2.0 using the connection system. In combination with the enEXHO home automation system, you can also conveniently control your LAVA design infrared heater using a smartphone, tablet or PC when you are out and about.


  • Voltage: 230 V
  • Switching current: 16 A
  • Temperature range: 0 – 35 °c
  • Dimensions: 251 x 31 x 62 mm
  • Protection rating: IP 24
  • Connection: special plug, 50 cm
  • Approval: CE compliant